PD-Proxy Hack For Unlimited Bandwidth

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PD-Proxy is a UDP, TCP and ICMP based VPN. It limits its free users to giving only demo servers to establish connection . These demo servers only give upto 100MB/day bandwidth and not allows to downloading torrent files. I am here to introduce you to a very simple method to download and upload unlimited in both servers - Demo Server and Demo Server 2. PD-Proxy is currently using by Indians for Airtel Free Internet UDP Based VPN Trick. PD-Proxy is a good VPN Service. Using this trick, you will be able to download and upload as much as you want.

Let us see how to hack PD-Proxy:-

Step 1: Download PD-Proxy - Click here to Download

Step 2: Now Create Email ID(s) as more as you want
Note 1: One Email ID = 90 MB bandwidth(Upload+Download)

Step 3: Now Sign up PD-Proxy using your Email ID(s)

Step 4: Now, Copy Downloaded PD-Proxy Zip File into another location Such as D:\New_Folder or anywhere else.
In my case I have downloaded the files in C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads and copied it into D:\New_Folder. So, the downloads folder is source location and New_Folder is Destination location.

Step 5: Extract PD-Proxy from Copied Zip File.

Step 6: Now, Run PD-Proxy.exe

Step 7: Enter Your Username and Password and click "Connect".

Step 8: Now, Browse and Download Data from the internet but, don't exceed the limits - 90 MB(Upload+Download)(You need to calculate it. Upload and Download stats are given in PD-Proxy software). I mean that you need to disconnect and close PD-Proxy after reaching the limits.

Step 9: Delete Copied Files

Step 10: Now, Again Copy the downloaded zip file from source to destination folder and extract the files.

Step 11: You need to to repeat Step 6 - Step 10 again and again and you will get unlimited PD-Proxy bandwidth at free of cost.

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