Airtel Free Internet UDP VPN Based Trick - May/8/2013 100% Working

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VPN tricks are better than those proxy tricks because proxy can only be used in browser and download managers but, VPNs can be used in whole PC and we can use this encrypted internet in all applications which requires internet such as Windows Update, Antivirus Update and in Windows 8, many of its store applications requires internet connection placed on Start Screen for eg:- Outlook, Whether, Messaging, Windows Store, Skydrive, Maps and other applications that you later install requires an Internet connection that can be accessible using a VPN not a Proxy Connection. This trick is based on UDP VPN using Pd-Proxy.

(i) UDP VPN Based
(ii) High Speed Servers
(iii) File Download Support
(iv) Works with 0 Balance
(v) 2G+3G Browsing and Downloading
(vi) Pd-Proxy Support

(i) Upto 100 MB/day bandwidth limits. (Solved for Unlimited use - Click here to see How?)
(ii) Maximum 2 Demo Servers are allowed to connect.
(iii) No Torrent downloading (Don't worry torrent downloading was solved already - Click here to See How?)

Let us begin the step by step configuration of it:-

Step 1: Sign up with PD-Proxy VPN - Click here to go for it

Step 2: Activate it using your Email Address.

Step 3: Download PD-Proxy VPN - Click here to download

Step 4: Now Unzip it and run PD-Proxy.exe

Step 5: If it ask you to install TAP drivers in your pc then, click "Install" button.

Step 6: Now goto Settings Tab in PD-Proxy and Click "Show Advanced Settings".

Step 7: Now, Open Proto Options.

Step 8: Now, Put 2500 under UDP Server Port and Port Settings.

Step 9: Click "Save & Go back" button.

Step 10: Now goto Login tab.

Step 11: Type Your Username and Password.

Step 12: Choose UDP Port under Server & Protocol.

Step 13: Choose Any of two demo servers.

Step 14: Now, Click Connect And Enjoy Airtel Free Internet.

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