NFS Most Wanted Saved Games Profiles (#15 Sonny)

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I have already posted about NFSMW Saved Game Editor. As we know, This software not provide the feature of win any race. With this software we can only edit CASH, BOUNTY & NAME. So, I decided to provide you all the saved games profiles of it. After download of any profile, play your favorite game NFSMW with the collections of NFSMW Saved Games, you can start the game from any race, any milestone and any Rival Challenge. I have a lot of saved game profile. Every of them contains one race or milestone or RIVAL Challenge cleared successfully. If you are unable to win a race then place one of these Saved Game Profile into NFSMW Saved games document folder and Start the Game.

         Now, I am going to provide only CAREER CHALLENGE #15 and I will provide more career challenges shortly. To Change the name of profile download NFSMW Saved Game Editer that I have already posted.

        Note1: Click on Readme button given at the front of any profile for saved game profile's qualification.

All Profiles are Hosted on :-
Check out the Profiles:- (Click any profile to go to Download)

Password of every profile :
[Just Copy & Paste it]

#15 Sonny 1     -    (Readme)

#15 Sonny 2     -    (Readme)

#15 Sonny 3     -    (Readme)

#15 Sonny 4     -    (Readme)

#15 Sonny 5     -    (Readme)

#15 Sonny 6     -    (Readme)

#15 Sonny 7     -    (Readme)

#14 Taz Coming Soon......

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