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In our daily life sms has become a very popular medium of talk
with each other. According to this many websites provides the feature of sending free sms. In these days the popular websites are
- Way2sms | 160by2 | Fullonsms | Ultoo. But before send any sms we need to go to these websites. The steps before send any sms are - (i) Run browser, (ii) Open any of these websites, (iii) Login (iv) Click on Send sms to open send sms window (Ads also open in pop ups, in the sides of website. But, think if it happens in two steps. It become very simple send sms from Desktop. I have already posted Way2sms Desktop Client [No Need to Open Browser to Send Free SMS]. But, this allows to send sms from only way2sms. But now I come with another software which allows us to send sms from 160by2, fullonsms, ultoo including way2sms also. Let us see what features does it alows:-

1 - No need login into web browser
  • 2 - Application size is 375 KB only
  • 3 - Works with Windows Xp,Vista,7,8
  • 4 - Instant Message delivery
  • 5 - 140 Charecters
    6 - Save Contacts
  • 7 - Send Single/Group SMS
  • 8 - Less Internet Usage
  • 9 - Message-Sent Report
  • 10 - Four gateways currently (Way2sms, 160by2, FullonSms, Ultoo)

[*Lot of other gateways about to come]

Download from Oficial Servers

Official website : mDesktopSms

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  1. Sometimes my account does not open. Getting error way2sms login failed. Actually, i do not know how it happens only with me. In such a situation, i'll open another site such as 160by2, ultoo and smsspark.

    1. Reply for Anonymous: You can try another client.
      Go to This URL -

  2. this is the best blog post about I am too much educated with the help of your information thanks way2sms

    1. Reply for b4bin: You are welcome
      ___Keep visiting___


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