Top 5 Pay Per Click Websites, Payouts via Liberty Reserve

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PPC is stands for Pay per click. PPC means that a person get paid when he/she click any advertisement published by advertiser. Several companies uses PPC to show their products. There is other way to Earn Money is PPD(Pay per Download). I have already posted about How to Easily Get Approved With FileIceMoreover, In this highly developing world, many websites have started to show their websites through PPC to maximize their earnings. PPC websites are also the revolutionaries for new peoples who want to earn money online.We all know that there are many PPC websites on the internet. Many websites uses PayPal or Payza for their payouts cause these websites are highly popular. But, Liberty Reserve is just some step back from PayPal, Payza. So, it is very hard to search for PPC whose payouts are done to Liberty reserve. When I was new on the internet and searching for any PPC website that pays to Liberty reserve, then I was unable to find any PPC website. So, according to many people request I am going to post Best 5 Pay Per Click Websites, Payouts via Liberty Reserve

Here are your Top 5 PPC :-

#1: TicBux

#2: Clixsense

#3: GlobalPaid-Bux

#4: GenClicker

5 : PTCGen
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