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FileIce LLC is the new revolutionary Pay Per Download website. FileIce uses HTML5 and JQuery. It uses good and smooth interface. PPD means that a person get paid when their material is downloaded. There are many more PPD websites on the internet for eg:- Sharecash. But, I see that nowadays FileIce is the best PPD website. As compared FileIce with Sharecash, FileIce is much good than Sharecash in such a way that it pays $1 for each download from USA and sometime it is $21 for each download but Sharecash pays less than FileIce. Probability to getting huge money is more on FileIce than Sharecash. My 2 friends uses PPD sites where my 1st friend uses Fileice and 2nd friend uses Sharecash. As compared both my friends, one friend who uses FileIce, his average of money earned is $55 and left friend who uses Sharecash, his average of money earned is $26. We all know that Sharecash easily approve any person. In this way Shaecash is very good.
But, Approving with FileIce is very hard for newbies. So, I come with a quality trick to get approved with FileIce.

Here is the trick:-

Step 1: Go to Fileice Registration Page

Step 2: Type the Captcha code.

Step 3: Enter your Basic Information ( Remember always enter real information )

Step 4: After that now select To upload files and earn money under Please select your..........account.

Step 5: Now, If you have website so, enter and verify that or if you do not have any website then, Select I don't have website................ without a website.

Step 6: Check our all advices before filling the promotion method:

Advice 1: Remember always Enter your promotion method in about or more than 200 characters.

Advice 2: Tell them that you are the high earner on Sharecash or any popular PPD website. Tell them that you was already earned about $200 with Sharecash in 1 month. (Don't enter more than $200. Always enter $100 - $200)

Advice 3: Tell them that I have lots of premium content about more than 500 files and daily I can make from 5 to 10 premium contents.

Advice 4: Also, tell that I was already shared lots of premium content through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and I want to try something new that pays me more.

Advice 5: Tell them that you always release your own made material, not anyone's copyright material and you will always upload original and genius material on Fileice.

Advice 6: At last enter, You come on Fileice to earn more and more and you will promote you and Fileice also.

Advice 7: These are only advices for your successful approvement with Fileice. You must use these advices in your languages. If you copy and paste it then, Fileice may identify that many peoples use same language for providing their promotion. This may lead to ban your email address not to be accepted ever.
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