Add Some Extra Cash And Bounty in NFSMW with NFSMW Save Editer

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Need For Speed Most Wanted Save Editor


Using this small program you can change the amount of money 

and bounty for the first car in your garage during the career 

play. Besides, you can rename your alias what means that the 

prog will rename the corresponding directory and file, then  

it will replace alias occurrences in the savefile with the 

text entered. This feature can be useful because it is not 
implemented in the game itself, so the only way to do that is 
to create a new profile/alias and replay the game from the 

The save file is changed directly, but there is no need to
quit the game, 'cause it caches your current profile in memory 
during play. Thus the only thing you have to do is to reload the 
modified profile in the game.

At startup the program will initialize in the default savegame
folder (My Documents\NFS Most Wanted) for the logged on user.
But you can select a different folder using the "Browse" button
or re-read current by pressing the "Update" button.

This program is distributed "AS IS" what means that the author 
is not responsible for any damage to your savefiles or any other 
case of misoperation due to the (probably wrong) usage of that 

program. So, make a backup copy of your savegames.

Step 1: Download NFSMW Save Editer from here - Click here to download

Step 2: Extract NFSMW S.E. with WinRaR or Universal Extactor 

Step 3: Run NFSMW Save Editor.

Step 4: Enter the Money value (Max - 99999999999) in the left bottom Money box of program.

Step 5: Enter the Bounty Value.(Max - 99999999999) in the right bottom Bounty box of program.

Step 6: You can also change your alias name from Mid Alias box of the program.

Step 7: Click Save.

If it shows that Fix ChkSum is clickable then,

Step 8: Click ChkSum.

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