How to Convert From JPG to PDF

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JPG is the most popular image extension in now days. Most popular websites also use jpg extension of images. In many online Forms, JPG is necessary. In our everyday life many of us use JPG extension. When we scan from our image scanner, scan is defaultly set JPG But, PDF is also important extension. Also, Many Online Forms need only PDF converted certificate. eg:- In India, Scholarship Forms need Cast certificate etc. in only PDF format. So, You can scan your Cast certificate etc from your image scanner and convert these scanned images to PDF using this trick.

Here is the Trick :-

Step 1: Download the file from here - Click here to download

Step 2: Extract the file using Universal Extractor or WinRaR.

Step 3: Install the software.

Step 4: Open the software.

Step 5: Drag and Drop your image in the software.

Step 6: Select the Destination folder where file will be saved which looks like this -

Step 7: Click Convert.

Your image is now successfully converted to PDF documents and saved to Your Destination place.

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