How to Upload Youtube Videos to File Hosting Websites

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Here is the new trick of YouTube. Now you can upload YouTube videos to any file hosting website.

Disadvantage :-
(i) - This website only provide FLV quality of videos
(ii) - Slow speed (less than 5mbps)

Advantages :-
(ii) - You can remote upload these videos to any file hosting website.
(iii) - Resume supportable links.

Here is the trick:-

Step 1: First of all go to YouTube video page.

Step 2: Just copy video URL.

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Paste video URL.

Step 6: Click Submit.

Step 7: Choose video quality (Large or medium or low).

Step 8: Copy video links ( Given as large, medium and low quality).

Step 9: Now remote upload files on ay file hosting website that support remote uploading like jumbofiles, filefactory etc.

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